Máncora, Peru

Our bus arrived in to the seaside town of Chimbote, which absolutely stank of fish! Thankfully there was a mall nearby with a Starbucks and Burger King, so we plonked ourselves here for a good six hours while waiting for our next bus. We were both pretty productive though.
IMG_9147Finally at 22:20, an hour and ten minutes late our bus arrived. The overnight bus to Máncora was pretty comfortable in the VIP section and we had a really good nights sleep.
IMG_9148On arrival to Máncora we were hounded by tuk tuk drivers who took us to our hostel.

The hostel let us check in early and had a cool vibe with lots of hammocks up.
IMG_9159Máncora was a popular beachside resort where we decided to break up the journey to Ecuador and have a few days just chilling on the beach.
IMG_9156We spent the whole first day on Playa Máncora enjoying the sun and trying to get tanned! It was almost 30 degrees so way warmer than we’d been for the last four months!
IMG_9162The following day was much of the same, we spent the morning and early afternoon on the beach watching the surfers. We even splashed out on sun beds!
IMG_9166Before treating ourselves to some pretty average ice creams.
IMG_9168That afternoon we booked our flights to Colombia and also home!! We were both pretty excited now the date was set! There was also time to play with the hostel dog, Toby.

Most of the day it had been pretty cloudy, which meant there was an amazing sunset! I ran down to the beach from the restaurant we were having dinner at to take this picture!
IMG_9186We then both enjoyed a lovely dinner at Riba Máncora.

The next morning it was back on a tuk tuk (in the pouring rain) to catch our bus to Ecuador! Luckily the weather had been pretty good for us whilst in Máncora.
IMG_9187On to Ecuador…


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